What Is HAYZE?
Andrew Hayes

Welcome to HAYZE! The contemporary Art & Design company for urban futuristics and creatives alike. With a strive to help the world look beautiful, HAYZE uses his natural talent to create modern designs and logos for consumers and businesses.

Let’s face it, there are no set of rules when it comes to art; and the HAYZE goal is to bring full awareness to the familiar aspects of urban and street art forms, which are not confined by the norms of society.

The HAYZE Brand is all about FREEDOM, the FREEDOM to express yourself the FREEDOM to BE YOURSELF! Which is why the slogan lies so close to the core belief of the brand. Freedom is exhilarating. Being yourself is the freest form of expression. People enjoy happier and more fulfilled lives when they are free so... BE FREE and BE YOU!

With a degree in Music Business & Entertainment, and over 7 years of experience in contemporary and impressionist artistry and graffiti, the nostalgic artwork of the HAYZE brand has been translated into vibrant visuals, and placed on accessible materials such as murals, canvases, clothing, and even shoes!

Like Pop Art? Then you’ve come to the right place. HAYZE has the ability to use various materials, including acrylic paint, spray paint, or a simple set of color pencils to service you in creating personalized illustrations that will bring joy and style into your life.

Want to know more about the HAYZE process? Then check out the company YouTube Channel, as well as our other social media platforms to learn how these aesthetically pleasing and exciting drawings are curated!

If you need some ideas, be sure to take a good look at the HAYZE portfolio, where you’ll conveniently find in-house designs for you to express into your very own customized merchandise via the HAYZE Print-On-Demand service.

The HAYZE mission is for your viewing experience to be rich with an explosion of hues and tints; and in a world separated by lines, colors unifies us, resulting in expressive and illustrious artwork, based on creativity, color, and customization. BE FREE, BE EXPRESSIVE, BE YOU!

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