White - The Visionary


People who identify with the White pillar can be best described as Intuitive. They understand that they are nothing unique and usually appear to be common. In fact they are rather unremarkable in a world full of color. These beings are inspired by everything and everyone and as such have a natural ability to bring them together. Reluctant leaders these beings understand that they can do nothing alone and rely heavily on the other pillars to spice up their lives. Charismatic and unrelenting they are chameleons that shift their skill sets based on the company they keep. Generally agreeable but don't mistake this for weakness as these dreamers are usually far ahead and will prove it in the long run. Wise fools that understand life isn't worth it without good people and good memories, sworn to protect their friends they bring together. For they are the key to unlocking their own true potential. Determined and fun-loving the glue making the adventure worthwhile


A perfect addition to every room! Our standard canvas is a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.
.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Wooden frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use

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10″ × 8″, 16″ × 12″, 24″ × 18″, 30″ × 24″


Premium gallery wraps (1.25″)



LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt